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IUD's and Yoni Eggs??

Pic credit: Bruce Blaus / Wikimedia Commons

We are often asked if IUD's can be used in conjunction with Yoni Eggs and it is not in any of our teams personal experience to know the answer to this with certainty. Either way, your body and your needs are going to be unique to you so its always best to talk with your health care provider about your personal goals and follow their recommendation.

With that being said, one of the main intentions of Yoni Eggs is to help women with building a stronger connection with their wombs to hear her cries and to do the healing work she is calling for. Our wombs have been under attack for many generations and it has become the norm for many of us to suffer from major issues regarding our female genital and it has prompted us to do some deep research to find some of these modern day triggers.

One of those identified triggers is women who have had IUD's inserted. The feedback from users as to what has happened to their wombs, mental health, emotional wellbeing, and physical health has been horrific.

We encourage you to do your research with an open mind and listen to the stories of the women who have been the victims of the side effects of IUD usage and consider their perspectives.

With that being said, while we highly value birth control, we are not advocates for the use of IUD's. Overlooking the mass amount of women who have been damaged by this method is not something we can do.

If you'd like to educate yourself please visit this link

We have no affiliation with this organization but have found their thorough research and the personal stories to be very sincere and worth considering.

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