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Don’t Take Our Word For It

"I just love my new Yoni Egg and it’s absolutely amazing!! I felt connected with my highest self and had such an intense orgasm.  Thanks again!”

Ms. Moore

“I have been following Tiffany’s work for years, therefore when I was ready to start healing emotional wounds I knew exactly where to go. I started with the black obsidian to clear any past trauma and then purchased amethyst, red carnelian and quartz with Tiffany’s guidance. Her stones are stunning and the energy they carry is remarkable. You can immediately tell that they are high quality handled with the utmost care.

The added bonuses (as I was using these for emotional healing more than physical benefits):

  • added tightness to the vaginal wall

  • helped with bladder leakage

  • better intimacy

Thank you Tiffany for the work you do and for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. You are truly a gift. “ 

Jammie Holsenbeck

“Yoni Eggs came into my life when I felt the call to explore my inner feminine more. I entrusted in the Mineral People to help me do the necessary work for my Highest Self. At first I was unsure of their capabilities but once I started practicing with Yoni Eggs regularly, I was able to receive the full blessing of their gift. Trauma that I was holding in my womb has now passed and I am fully stepping into the woman I was destined to be.”


“I purchased my very first yoni egg from Tiffany Janay in December of 2014, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I’ve collected quite a few of her yoni eggs since then to aid in healing my womb from trauma.
I had already experienced the benefit of precious stones before I was introduced to yoni eggs, so I had an idea of how they worked. However, I had no idea the impact inserting a precious stone inside of my vagina would be. Not only have I felt my womb come to life energetically, I’ve also become more orgasmic. When using yoni eggs my PC muscles get an Automatic workout making my yoni muscles tighter and stronger. Therefore creating more powerful orgasmic contractions. Along with being more orgasmic, I’ve also become wetter and more sensitive to pleasure. I had no idea about those benefits when I first started using yoni eggs. I was interested in removing energetic blockages I had no clue about orgasmic pleasure, so that was a huge bonus. In addition to benefits I’ve received energetically from each stone, which all have their own personalities and energetic imprints, Tiffany’s customer service and the care she puts into handling the eggs and shipping them is A1. I feel the love and care with each egg delivered. Plus, she created a whole online community of  support  to share and discuss our experiences with the eggs allowing us to stay connected. I appreciate having like minded individuals of all walks of life that I can gain and share with along this yoni egg journey. I appreciate Tiffany Janay and her Yoni Egg Tribe.”

Alicia Monet

“Tiffany Janay and Yoni Eggs have played such pivotal roles in my personal growth. She puts love into everything she does. I have admittedly tried to use eggs from other providers and they just don’t come with the energetic boost that these do. Yes, this is a business, but Tiffany truly does want to see her clients live their best lives and that shows within the guidance that she provides.
I’ve been using Yoni Eggs consistently for the past eight years. Through the ways I’ve learned how to program them with my intentions, I have been able to uncover the worst parts and faced the hardest truths about myself. They’ve assisted me in processing through all of it until it made sense and I was self-aware enough to know what needed to be changed… until I wanted and consciously chose to make those changes.
Healing does come from within, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need assistance. Your spirit, ancestors, intuition, etc. will put you within the paths of people who are able to assist you or point you in the direction of people who can. I am forever grateful for being placed in Tiffany’s path.”

Cassie Lynn

“In Oct/Nov 2014 I purchased my first egg for OB, named it Mr Smokey. I promised myself I would use this egg to heal my womb, see I was battling with PCOS (ploy cystic ovarian syndrome) and I was tired of dealing with it. At 34yrs a doctor said to me I will never have kids because of PCOS. Initially the cyst and Smokey were not friends it would hurt each time I used it, however I never stopped using it, because the cyst came to acknowledge the presence of Smokey. When I did my yearly manifestation at the beginning of 2015 healing my womb was on the list, I just wanted the cyst gone and to have a regular moon cycle, I didn’t care about the infertility or what else came with it. I become more serious about my diet, did yoni steams, meditated more and became more in tune with myself, I told myself I am athlete and need to treat my body as such, all the while subconsciously healing my womb. Today I happy to report I am now mommy to a beautiful 9 day old baby girl, 10/9/16 7lbs 9oz all natural, no rips no bruises I was able to breathe and meditate through the pain.
Tiffany and all the ladies in here I am so grateful for each of you, your stories on your journey were each helping me heal my womb and I appreciate each of you.”

Delma Carlton

“The yoni eggs are such a small part of what you bring into women’s lives. You’re an inspiration and I’m honored to have met you. I feel that I’ve become a better woman because of it.”

Inez Powell

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