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How We Got Here

My name is Tiffany Janay and I have been working with Yoni Eggs since 2008.  It all began when I took a feminine energy class to learn about how to be in power of the different archetypes of womanhood.  At the time I had just became a wife and making the transition from  Maidenhood into the next phase of Motherhood required guidance.

In that class my teacher recommended for us to work with Yoni Eggs.  I went online and tried to order some and at that time there wasn’t an e-commerce site that I found selling them, all the sources I found were ran through a blog.  After writing each of those companies to inquire about their products and waiting weeks before they responded to say they didn’t have them in stock, I declared to the universe, “there’s got to be a better way!”

Shortly after that I found a source for Yoni Eggs at a wholesale cost and I invested a very small amount of money into buying a few (I’ve been working with the same supplier since then).  I began offering them through my Facebook page and within a short time period hundreds of women began contacting me to order them.

I was handwriting notes and packaging every order myself but my orders soon became to frequent for me to keep up so I then was able to start bringing in team members to help me with this now growing business.

In 2015 I became the first person to launch professionally packaged Yoni Eggs and it was widely received and my company took me from 7 years of homelessness and poverty to abundance and the ability to help with many people all around the world.  Most importantly, I valued beautiful packaging to serve as a reflection of the seriousness I embody in being of service to women for such a sacred matter.

In 2016 a massive shift came and I entered into the phase of womanhood that brought me to divorce.  I moved to an island and did deep healing work as I transitioned from death to rebirth.  It took me about 2 years before I fully felt healed and ready to be of service to others again.

Originally my company name was ORGANIC BLOOD which was a very masculine name and energy that was necessary at the time it was created over 10 years ago when holistic living and honoring the rising divine feminine energy wasn’t as accepted as it is now.  I needed to channel that masculine energy to open doors and create a pathway.

While doing my healing work in Paradise a new vision was given to me that was inspired by the powerful feminine energy that surrounds this island.  The name that was given to me was LOVE QUARTZ and I was told that it was time to transition into channeling the gentle fierceness of feminine energy and to embrace the flow.

I’ve been working on myself to surrender to this new Venusian energy and let go of the Mars energy I had become so comfortable with.  It’s taken me about 3 years to go through this initiation and I am now ready to share with the world LOVE QUARTZ.

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