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Yoni Eggs vs. Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls vs. Yoni Eggs 🥊🥊

Both are effective options for the physical aspect of tightening and toning the walls of the vaginal canal.

Yoni Eggs pulls up as a stronger contender when considering its crystalline energy abilities.

Yoni Eggs are made from real crystals or stones which are all living beings with it's own frequency and personalities, if you will.

This frequency tends to tune the user into the healing powers of Mama Earth and the user then begins to naturally gravitate towards more natural and holistic choices overall in their personal care.

This is vital for emotional and energetic healing. Words that have been spoken to us, impacts on our body, past lovers...all of that can live within the darkness of the womb for years and eat away the vitality of the womb leading to dis-ease and ultimately perhaps removal.

These healing abilities are not within the realm of what Ben Wa Balls can do for you.

So while yes, having a tight yoni is important to enjoy pleasure and hold urine, healing yourself through and throughout from your Root to your Crown Chakra, reigns supreme.

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Use & Care

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