IUD's and Yoni Eggs??

We are often asked if IUD's can be used in conjunction with Yoni Eggs and it is not in any of our teams personal experience to know the answer to this with certainty. Either way, your body and your needs are going to be unique to you so its always best to talk with your health care provider about your personal goals and follow their recommendation. With that being said, one of the main intentions of Yoni Eggs is to help women with building a stronger connection with their wo

What's the use of Yoni Eggs?

The desire to have a tight yoni is coveted by many women far and wide and the choices on the market to do so are plentiful.  The old school way was to use Ben Wa Balls as they could always be found at your local adult toy store.  The new school options include surgery or creams.  Then there are Yoni Eggs.  So, what makes Yoni Eggs so special? First, let me explain what Yoni Eggs are.  They are crystals in the shape of eggs that can be inserted into the yoni to tighten and ton

Working with Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

The mention of Black Obsidian sends some women into the shivers. The fear of facing your shadow self sends women running towards something lighter like Rose Quartz. But I encourage you to not overlook this lava made powerhouse. Here is some great insights to the power of Black Obsidian and how to work with it energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. May each of these insights send you down the rabbit hole and expound upon what is most relevant to you right now. Highlig