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Use & Care

Working with my egg

Before inserting, begin with a breast massage using organic oil. This will stimulate your vaginal juices and prepare your yoni to be receptive. Gently yet firmly massage the breast tissue in a circular direction by using two or three fingers and press towards your rib cage. Begin at the nipple and work your way outward. After your breast massage, massage your yoni in the same circular motion. After you have successfully aroused yourself, you may insert the egg, putting the largest end in first and using a lubrication if necessary.

Yoni Egg Exercises

Stand in a horse stance position, feet spread shoulder width distance apart, bending at your knees. As you slowly take deep breaths use your vaginal muscles to move the egg up and down the vaginal canal. Practice this exercise a few times per week. Remove your egg as soon as your exercise is complete, cleanse, and store.

For drilled Yoni Egg vaginal weight lifting: Use a sturdy string that can hold up to 20 pounds of weight. Begin with an object that weighs about ½ pound and attach object to the outer portion of the string. You can use a small cotton bag and add an object inside for the weight and tie the string to it.

Follow the preparation exercise above, insert your egg, attach the weight, stand in horse stance, slowly let the weight suspend in the air, and use your vaginal muscles to hold on to the egg by tightening and squeezing towards the cervix. Perform this one time per session, up to two to three times per week. Gradually increase weight but do not exceed ten pounds.


To hygienically cleanse your Yoni Egg please use our Love Quartz Yoni Egg Cleanser.

To energetically cleanse your Yoni Egg please follow the recommendations on the respective Yoni Egg page.


Use your vaginal muscles to push your Yoni Egg out while in a low squat. If necessary, gently use your finger or pelvic muscles to push it out. It cannot get stuck!!

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