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What's the use of Yoni Eggs?

The desire to have a tight yoni is coveted by many women far and wide and the choices on the market to do so are plentiful.  The old school way was to use Ben Wa Balls as they could always be found at your local adult toy store.  The new school options include surgery or creams.  Then there are Yoni Eggs.  So, what makes Yoni Eggs so special?

First, let me explain what Yoni Eggs are.  They are crystals in the shape of eggs that can be inserted into the yoni to tighten and tone the pelvic floor.  There are many other choices besides crystals to do this work but Yoni Eggs make it an extra special process because they are made from Earth minerals and the elements which helps to tune us into the heart beat of Mama Earth which can be nourishing and revitalizing.

Beyond the benefits that come from tightening and toning the muscles within the yoni, Yoni Eggs help tune you into the voice of your womb.  The womb is a magical portal that is capable of cultivating human life but it is also a place where women create and nourish their visions for the life they live.

Our wombs can be programmed and depending on what the programming is and where it came from, it can influence the quality of the life we birth.  Past lovers energy may be stored within the womb or trauma from losing your personal power in sexual ways or malnourishment from not giving your womb what it needs to thrive.

Think about your womb like the walls within your home; if you feel heavy energy within your home you usually will do things to brighten up the space and purge out the low frequencies such as clean it up, organize it, bring in plants and crystals, remove dust and cobwebs, sage it, add particular colors, rearrange furniture….

This same process should be taken when you are deepening your relationship with your womb.  First, becoming aware that it is a space with walls, then beginning the process to feng shui it and Yoni Eggs can be a great compliment to help raise the frequency and beautify your internal space.

What I’ve found from working with clients the past 12 years is that when women choose to embark on the path of utilizing crystals to create a bridge to strengthen their relationship with their womb is that they tend to become more holistically minded overall and take deep looks at all the ways they can incorporate more healing energy from Mama Earth.  They tend to want to eat more plants, get more sunshine, exercise more, take long deep breaths, speak with more integrity, confront their shadow selves, and break patterns to break generational curses.

If this resonates with you then I gleefully welcome you to the other side of the rainbow.

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