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Working with Red Snakeskin Jasper Yoni Egg

Highlights: Grounding, protects against the envious, assists in forming new habits.

Element: Fire

Mantra: I achieve my goals

Cleansing Ritual: Set outside under full moonlight for 2 days.

Womb Meditation: Sit in a quiet space, close your eyes, rest hands on lap in the Apana Mudra, take 3 deep breaths, envision golden light filing your womb and chant the sound of RAM out with an exhale. Repeat as needed.


Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning vortex and they are wheels of energy points within our bodies. Each one of this energetic vortexes align with the glands within the endocrine system as well as with the nervous system. Understanding yourself from the perspective of how all your systems work together can serve as a great roadmap to empowering yourself to do your self work to establish balance. Energy is the chakras and physical is the endocrine/nervous system.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is your right to think. This is located right above the navel, the stomach area. From this chakra point you can gain your self-confidence and ego power along with a balanced intellect. This also boost your ability for humor. When there’s an imbalance it shows up as digestion issues, hypoglycemia, constipation, ulcers, and diabetes. Also can include toxicity in the body, parasites, nervousness, colitis, and poor memory.



The element of fire ignites a hot flame that burns, releases gases, and purifies. In Mama Earth we see this in actual fire, volcanos, and her hot fiery core. Within our bodies we too build a heat that is able to digest our food and transform it into energy.

To invoke the elements and wisdom that aligns with the element of fire which can help you to bring balance to express your passions, pure energy, and the ability to welcome in change, you may do the following in ceremony:

Stand and turn and face the South and hold up your Yoni Egg as the conductor of energy and invite in the elemental beings of Fire. You may say something like:

Please help me to attain the ability to know how to store and power up my energy sources when necessary. Thank you for providing me with the ability to light up my internal fires at will to be able to passionately express my unique talents and gifts.



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