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Working with Crystal Quartz Yoni Egg

Highlights: Amplification of your intentions, cleansing, memory enhancement, programmable.

Mantra: I am mentally clear

Cleansing Ritual: Set outside under full moonlight for 2 days.

Womb Meditation: Sit in a quiet space, close your eyes, rest hands on lap in the Gyan Mudra, take 3 deep breaths, envision golden light filing your womb and chant the sounds of RAM, LAM, VAM, YAM, HAM, SHAM, OM out with an exhale. Repeat as needed.




The element of storm is summonsed about when all four of of the elements are empowered at once. This can be activated during a time where a massive purge is necessary both within Mama Earth and our own bodies. It is a strong and powerful force full of unknown outcomes that can be feared due to its destructive ability but it also can be seen as a spiritual awakening and the gateway from one way of living to another.

To invoke the elements and wisdom that aligns with the element of storm which can help you to have an understanding of the psychic plane and an ability to access appropriate guides and healers from other realms, as well as the ability to help strengthen your gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience- you may do the following in ceremony:

Stand and turn and face the upwards and hold up your Yoni Egg as the conductor of energy and invite in the elemental beings of Storm/Spirit Beings. You may say something like:

Please help me to attain access my gifts that allows me to see the unseen and to always trust the protection and guidance that comes from the unseen powers. Thank you for strengthening my abilities to attune to the power that is available to me that comes from all of the elements combined and utilizing them all at once if necessary.


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