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Drilled-Crystal Quartz Yoni Egg

Drilled-Crystal Quartz Yoni Egg

Crystal Quartz is the master of the Mineral Kingdom, bow down.  It is the only one in our collection that is attuned to all 7 chakras and capable of raising the frequency of all of your other stones and crystals.  It can draw in opportunities and successful ventures and said to magnify one’s thoughts and feelings so that one can evaluate the inner makings of self. 


Crystal Quartz will not allow you to wallow in self pity over what cannot be changed. It is said to amplify healing energy and is used to perform diagnostic healing.  It keeps you in touch with your spiritual self to remind you that you are a spirit having a human experience.


If you are frustrated hold the egg in and remind yourself of your goals and that you have the ability to sustain and maintain your feminine grace.


Drilled Yoni Eggs allows you to control the time you spend working with your Yoni Egg.  In addition you can add weigh tto the end of the string to do vagina weight lifting.


    All Love Quartz Yoni Eggs come professionally package with stand and use and care pamphlet.  Sent to you from Hawaii fully charged up within this powerful vortex.



    Due to the intimacy of Yoni Eggs, there are no returns.


    Your Yoni Egg will be shipped via USPS Priority from Hawaii.  Expect it to arrive within 2-3 days after it has been shipped.  

    International orders are shipped via First Class USPS unless you would like to pay more for Priority.  Please contact us if this is the case.


    CLICK HERE to learn more on how to work with your Crystal Quartz Yoni Egg energetically, spiritually, and phyiscally.


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