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Intimacy Coaching

One on one with Sacred Sexuality Coach, Tiffany Janay.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 250 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

The main intention of one on one coaching is to get to the root of concerns around intimacy so that you may open up new channels for safe pleasure to flow. Many intimacy concerns manifest as distance between partners, fear of communication, intimidation to initiate or offer feedback, impotence or lack of sex drive, inability to be orgasmic, ejaculating prematurely, & lack of knowledge about sexual energy in general. The reason is usually due to past traumas that have been unresolved, misunderstood, or processed therefore a vital piece of your power and safety is eluding you. Sexual energy is a factor in every aspect of our lives yet the majority of the population hasn't been taught about intimacy or sexual maturity. Sex has many different purposes that include healing, manifestation, connection, and procreation. Maturing your relationship with your sexual self may improve many aspects of your life overall. Healing is a lifelong process and the final destination is unknown, however, the path can be filled with many rewards, breakthroughs, and orgasms! Tiffany Janay's approach towards improving intimacy is to go to the roots and fortify them from there. Once that work is done and understood we can move into other things such as pleasure techniques, loving making techniques, and other exciting factors that may add a major improvement to all of your relations. BENEFITS FOR MEN (may include): - Improve romance - Learn edging & breathing techniques to control ejaculation - The art of touch - Stroke techniques - Seed retention for improvement of self-esteem, fertility management, & enhancement of energy BENEFITS FOR WOMEN (may include): - Confidence to make empowering choices - Womb honoring techniques & personal ceremonies - Orgasmic as a lifestyle - Feminine manifestation - Tightening and toning using Yoni Eggs BENEFITS FOR EVERYONE (may include): - Yoni/Lingham massage - Engaging the 5 Senses for Intimacy - Enhance communication skills - Build confidence with intimacy - Moving past archetypal imbalances *Upon booking session preparation details will be emailed to you. About Tiffany Janay Tiffany Janay is a sought after Motivational Speaker, Sacred Sexuality Educator, Women’s Empowerment Guide, & the owner of She has made a career of connecting on a personal level with people, assisting them in getting past their fears, hurt and anxiety as it pertains to their sexuality through her work as a Womb Wellness Advocate.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please do so within 24 hours. Any time outside of that will be non-refundable. Session time begins on time and if you arrive late you will still be billed for the entire session but limited to remaining time.

Contact Details

PO Box 791622

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