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Surviving Stressful Situations Class

Surviving Stressful Situations Class

The past 2 years have been a heavy load on all of our nervous systems. Even prior to these past couple years many of us were already functioning under a tremendous amount of stress and overload of energetic expenditure.


As the world begins to open back up and we are being invited to engage more, this can be both overwhelming and enticing.

I know you feel it; the constant pull to choose a side or prove why your choice is your choice.


Life is exhausting right now!


Let's recharge. These tips shared during this class will be yours to keep and apply to the times when you began to feel overwhelmed.


Meet Tiffany Janay

My name is Tiffany Janay and I am a devotee to self-care and self-preservation. Over the years I have integrated many helpful techniques that have supported me in living a less stressful life and I'd like to share those with you.


I am a long time student of Vipasana meditation and have for 2 years maintained 1 hour of meditation everyday. I believe in deep breathing and utilizing a grounding ritual my teacher taught me to find my center. I love crystals for vibe changes and plant medicine for extra support.

I have also done deep work with a therapist and a Life Coach and they have given me some jewels that I'd like to share with you!


Here's what you can expect in our 2 hours together:

Tips for activating a meditative mindset anywhere

Energetic clearing

Attuning to your internal compass

Listening and responding versus reacting

Grounding Ritual8

Presence Practice: Don't get too far in the future or tumble too far in the past

Sealing energetic leakage

Group meditation

*Class link available for 30 days after purchase

We are joined by Psychotherapist Davida Moore who will share mental health tips and the benefits of EMDR therapy.

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