Working with Mahogany Obsidian Yoni Egg

Highlights: Raise personal worth, release from limitations, heal old wounds, confidence to express sexual preferences, shield from psychic attacks.

Mantra: I am worthy

Cleansing Ritual: Set outside under full sunlight for 24 hours.

Womb Meditation: Sit in a quiet space, close your eyes, rest hands on lap in the Buddhi Mudra, take 3 deep breaths, envision golden light filing your womb and chant the sound of LAM out with an exhale. Repeat as needed.


Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning vortex and they are wheels of energy points within our bodies. Each one of this energetic vortexes align with the glands within the endocrine system as well as with the nervous system. Understanding yourself from the perspective of how all your systems work together can serve as a great roadmap to empowering yourself to do your self work to establish balance. Energy is the chakras and physical is the endocrine/nervous system.

The Root Chakra is your right to exist. This energy is found in the base of your spine and deals with your survival- your right to be here. It involves materials related to the physical world like food, water, sex, shelter, and your ability to stand up for yourself. When this doesn’t happen it looks like fatigue, depression, back pain, catching colds often or having cold extremities often.

The Sacral Chakra deals with your right to feel. It is situated below the navel, the lower abdomen. This energy is connected to your tangible senses and how you feel. This energy relates to your ability to be social and comfortable with intimacy. Out of balance it can appear as drug abuse, eating disorders, candida, yeast infections, asthma and allergies, low back pain, urinary issues, impotence and frigidity in your love life as well as general sensuality issues.



The element of Earth represents our body and our home planet and it serves as our foundation and our feeling of being grounded into this experience. It is our very foundation; our soil in which all seeds are planted.

To invoke the elements and wisdom that aligns with the element of Earth which can help you to feel stable, honor the cycle of life and death, and to know how to access silence- you may do the following in ceremony:

Stand and turn and face the North and hold up your Yoni Egg as the conductor of energy and invite in the elemental beings of Earth. You may say something like:

Please help me to attain the ability to feel rooted in to the power that comes with my bloodline and the strength of Mother Earth. Thank you for providing me with the wisdom to know that I am to always plant my seeds upon you even when the land seems baron. Thank you for your teachings that instills in me the importance of caring for my soil and my own personal ecosystem so that I may stay in balance and continue to be fruitful in my efforts.


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