Where do your yoni eggs come from?

We source our stones from Australia. India, and China which is the birthplace of Yoni Eggs.
We work directly with all of the manufacturers of our Yoni Eggs to ensure our high standards
are met. We have established relationship with the same manufacturers for 3 years and
they have produced extremely high quality products for us that we are proud to supply to our
customers. Our stones are the product of natural processes in the earth, and are simply cut and polished
into the egg shape by our manufactures.
When the stone arrives to us. We inspect each Yoni Egg and determine if it is suitable for internal use.
When the stones are in our space, we keep them in high vibrational energy. They are stored in a
vortex that was created specifically for them that is surrounded by energetic tools to constantly keep them blessed.
On full moons we recharge the stones in moonlight. We also smudge them in smoke of sage and cleanse them in therapeutic grade essential oils before they are packaged and sent off to their new home