Are your yoni eggs certified?

Certification of Yoni Eggs is a new marketing technique only practiced by a few companies in this industry. Yoni Eggs have been successfully used for decades without a need for certification.

Semi precious stones are elements of the earth. They are grown naturally of course and do not use chemicals to do so.
Our stones are taken from their raw state, ground down into an egg shape, and then polished. There is no need for chemicals in the process.
Per our research, GIA certifies semi precious stones to ensure clarity and the authenticity of the stone usually for high monetary transactions and trade of the stones. The price range of Yoni Eggs doesn’t justify that which is why 99.9% of this industry doesn’t see the need to certify their stones.
In order to get a Yoni Egg certified, it drastically increase the cost per stone. Another important factor is there is no numbering system that coincides with each Yoni Egg and a certificate so there is no way to determine if your actual stone is one that has been certified. This information is verifiable for yourself by contacting the GIA directly.
Our company has had an intimate relationship with semi precious stones for 30+ years and we are comfortable in our choosing process ensuring we are providing you with a quality product. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our stones are produced in a way that meets our strict standards.
While we respect the intent of certifying stones, it is not a system that is practical at this present time due to the reasons stated above.
We have served thousands of clients and have had incredible testimonies of amazing experiences with our product.